Essex Sunshine Coast



Tendring District Council


Create a marketing website for the Sunshine Coast, that reflects the content of the yearly marketing booklet which has now moved over to this website. The site includes a directory which filters into each page section for; Outdoors, Entertainment, Culture & Heritage.

Items can be added and filter into the pages as required. It also includes visitor comments and ranking with approval via e-mail. Custom drawn location map feature has a click though for each town in the towns and villages section.

Log-in and training for individual staff members at various access levels was set up, and training given to update and manage the site.

Note: The printed marketing booklet is no longer created and we are in the process of re-development on the site, which focusses on supplying information to those living in and visiting the area.




  • Website design
  • Content Creation
  • Photography
  • Cartography
  • Training & Training Notes

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