HaemO2 Iconic Object


Steel Sculptural Object


Working for the Biological Sciences Department, who are developing the breakthrough product ‘fake blood’ a non-blood-type specific product which doesn’t require refrigeration, suitable for use in war zones or places where refrigeration is not an option.


The team were to receive and award for their work in London, and were give a 40cm round podium to display and iconic object which represented what they do.

They came to me for a solution, which was; a 40 x 80cm column created in stainless steel, designed and then laser cut, with plastic feet.

The design of the ‘object’ is based on the haemoglobin molecule.

It leaves space for four blood bags to hang in the object, these were created with small veterinary blood bags, with semi-clear labels designed to look like the product was already a brand on them.


  • Design Sculptural Object.
  • Commission Craftsman to Manufacture.

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