Harwich Floods

Memorial Information Board for the 1953 Floods It was my great pleasure to create an information board for the Harwich Floods memorial garden which underwent a recent redesign to mark … Continue readingHarwich Floods

Clacton Lollies

Seafront Sign Concepts Client Tendring District Council often research into new ideas for branding and marketing the tourist areas of the region. Mission Design a series of signs for seafronts. … Continue readingClacton Lollies

HaemO2 Iconic Object

Steel Sculptural Object Client Working for the Biological Sciences Department, who are developing the breakthrough product ‘fake blood’ a non-blood-type specific product which doesn’t require refrigeration, suitable for use in … Continue readingHaemO2 Iconic Object

Mood Boards

Inspiration for Council Projects Client Tendring District Council wanted to put forward some proposals for new branding so I suggested we create some mood-boards to display some of the possibilities. … Continue readingMood Boards