Clacton Lollies


Seafront Sign Concepts


Tendring District Council often research into new ideas for branding and marketing the tourist areas of the region.


Design a series of signs for seafronts. Concept and drawings.

The team asked if we could perhaps ‘create massive lollies as signs,’ we took them at their word and created these concept ideas.

A first approach was to create the lollies out of acetate with real wooden ‘sticks.’ Whilst this approach would work, there was one issue, due to the size of them each one would weigh multiple tonnes.

So a revised concept was devised using double coloured fibre glass so the writing could be etched into the.

Sadly the health and safety team was not keen on the single leg, and worried that the lollies may invalidate the seawall insurance so they never went into production…

We would love to see them developed one day though! (See contact form if you would like a concept project for your town!)


  • Concept Drawings.
  • Photoshop Mock-ups.

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